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Join Dave Ramsey now as he shares the #1 most important thing families can do to improve their financial health. Take the FREE challenge from Ziglar Family to empower your family to thrive.

Families Are Taking the Challenge – Join Them Now!

We’ve brought together 7 of the most influential voices in 7 key areas of family life to share their single best piece of advice for today’s families.

They’ll challenge you to take one specific action each day to experience immediate success in your family life— and offer you direction on how to empower your family to thrive in that area.

7 Leading Experts Share Proven,
Practical Advice to
Help Your Family Be, Do, and Have More
and Experience 7 Specific “Wins” in Just 7 Days.

Here’s a Sneak Peek at What Will Happen When You Take the Challenge and Help Your Family TODAY…

This exclusive online event is broken down into 3 easy-to-follow steps to help you succeed faster:

Watch the Challenge

We’ll deliver a short video from one of our experts to your email inbox each morning for 7 days.

Take the Challenge

After watching the brief video, it’s time to act. We’ll equip you with links to helpful resources and exclusive discounts to help your family succeed.

Share the Challenge

We’ll make it easy for you to challenge at least three other families you know to watch and take the challenge. Growth happens best in community.

Share the Challenge
Take The Challenge

“Your family is designed for accomplishment, engineered for success, and endowed with the seeds of greatness.

-Zig Ziglar

Who Are the Experts and What Are the 7 Areas of Family Life?

Dr. Gary Chapman
Michael and Gail Hyatt
Dr. Josh Axe
Tony Dungy
Brian Buffini
Dave Ramsey
Julie Ziglar Norman

Why You Should Take the  7-Day Challenge:

  • Your family is worth it! Every family deserves the opportunity to be, do and have more.

  • It’s a fun, free experience to empower your family to be, do, and have more by creating the opportunity for 7 specific wins in 7 areas of family life.

  • The 7 areas of the Challenge come from The Ziglar Wheel of Family Life, a powerful family check-up tool  based on the wheel Zig Ziglar used for more than four decades to help more than 250 million people grow.

  • You’ll learn where to invest your time, energy, and resources to best empower your family to thrive.

  • Every day of the challenge starts with a powerful—but brief—video from an expert to set your family up for success before the morning gets under way.

  • Your family will grow as a result of participating in the Challenge.

Get access to this exclusive experience and family-specific advice from 7 renowned experts for FREE!

Take The Challenge

Why You Should SHARE the 7-Day Challenge

  • Challenges are even more fun when you are doing them with friends!

  • You probably know other families like yours who could benefit from this expert wisdom and advice in at least one of the 7 areas of family life: physical, relationships, work-life balance, communication, faith, family, or community.

  • Your sharing the Challenge might be the only way for a family who is hurting to find some help to start moving in the right direction.

  • Every family has situations where it cannot meet its own needs and looks to other families to provide support.

  • Our families are only as strong as the communities around them, so there is a real opportunity for us to connect with each other and build our communities whenever and however we can.

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